Applied Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis

Take an hour out of your day and be guided into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation and release your stress and mental tension.  Learn how to combat the effects of stress and achieve a state of peace and tranquillity through applied meditation, mindfulness, self hypnosis, effective breathing and theta frequencies.  This hour of releasing your stress will help reset your internal mental and physical state to function in harmony. More importantly, you will learn how to do this yourself and be able to use it to help you in any stressful situation. What’s more is that you will feel fabulous after each class, and leave in a much better state than you arrived!


Chronic physical and mental stress results in you under-performing at almost everything. It affects you in all ways – physically, mentally and emotionally. Your hormonal balance is disrupted, compromising your immune system and general degeneration sets in. Your mental processing becomes impaired, your emotional control is diminished, and you find yourself walking around with a foggy brain, headaches, depressed mood, anxiety, panic attacks, poor sleep and poor health. Stress also makes your body very acidic, and with that comes inflammation, auto immune responses, and it provides a cancer friendly environment.  The list goes on............. and on.................. and on.  Unchecked chronic stress can kill.

More and more people suffer from stress related disease, and effective Stress Management is no longer an option – it’s a non-negotiable essential!

Our Stress Buster Class takes a holistic approach, teaching you to effectively manage your stress mentally and physically. We use a combination of:



Where are the classes: Classes can be held at your work, at a specific venue or even at your home providing there are 5 or more people in a group.  Just give us a shout and we can set something up.

What to wear:  It doesn't matter - as long as it is comfortable! Come in your work clothes / gym clothes / couch clothes. Come wearing slippers. We don't mind.

What to bring:  If you have your own yoga mat bring it along.  We do have a few extra mats for first-timers.  If you want to bring a pillow or towel to sit or lie on, do.  If you are not able to sit or lie on a mat you can sit on achair.   Whatever you find most comfortable. Just make sure that you will be warm enough - remember it's mental 'exercise', not physical exercise, so you if you are prone to getting cold bring along a light blanket.

Is it for women only:  NO! Men also suffer tremendously from stress and tend to bottle it up. Men should definitely attend!

What age group is best:  All ages and all walks of life benefit! If you are at school suffering from exam stress and anxiety, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a husband, a wife, a parent, a pensioner, a sports enthusiast, someone going through a hard time or someone looking for something more - there are no exclusions!

What is the cost: Your first class is free! Ad-hoc attendance R120, or view our monthly packages.

Who gives the classes? Our Mental Wellness Specialist, Lilith Walliser, who is an Internationally certified Hypnotherapist and Holistic Life Coach, as well as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

And Finally...

Remember, the key to achieving the best results is to practice, on a daily basis, what you learn in class! After attending the classes and reaping the benefits of consistent mental and physical relaxation, you will begin to wonder how on earth you managed without your Stress Buster classes for so long!  When you understand the Mechanics of Anxiety, Stress and Panic, you will be able to apply all the techniques you need to manage your stress effectively, so the Stress Buster Classes are best after attending the workshop!